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Ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine coins and World coinage.

Category: Auction catalogue 
Author: CLASSICAL NUMISMATIC GROUP Auktion Triton I, New York. 
Title: Ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine coins and World coinage. 
Subtitle: December 2-3, 1997 
Description: Conducted by CLASSICAL NUMISMATIC GROUP, Inc., FREEMAN & SEAR; NUMISMATICA ARS CLASSICA AG. Auction I in conjunction with 26th Annual New York International. 2407 ancient greek, roman and byzantine coins and world coins. Featuring: "A prominent European Collection of GREEK; Part II of the GOODMAN Collection of ROMAN REPUBLICAN (The Goodman collection is the finest offering of Republican struck bronzes ever presented at auction); Extensive Offering of Roman Imperial (over 100 lots of Roman Gold - including all of the Twelve Caesars); Strong offering of Papal coinage; Nice selection of Choice British Celtic Coinage.  
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