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Ancient and Modern coins

Kategorie: Auktionskataloge 
Autor: CLASSICAL NUMISMATIC GROUP Internet & Mail Bid Sale 90, Lancaster 
Titel: Ancient and Modern coins 
Untertitel: closing date, May 23, 2012 
Beschreibung: Further Selection from the BCD Thessaly Greek coins from the Deyo Collection A Signed Masterwork Tetradrachm from Syracuse Judaen Coins from the Patrick H.C. Tan Collection Coins of Persis from an American Collection Roman Provincial Coins from Group CEM - Part II The Bruce R. Brace Collection of Roman Coins Extremely Rare Severan Dynastic Aureus Further Offerings of the Property of Princeton Economics Acquired by Martin Armstrong Early Dated Coinage from the Weinstein and Rye Collections Talers from the HLT Collection English Coinage from the Marshall Faintich and Peter Moffatt Collections A Diverse Offering of Short Cross Coinage from the Andrew Wayne Collection The Ian Gordon Collection of Charles I and the English Civil War Exceptional Offering of Hiberno-Norse 
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